Susan Bishop has been an educator for over thirty years. She has shared her unique brand of teaching with countless children by providing patience, love, encouragement, and many, many, hugs.

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Eenie Meanie Me and The Very Sad Day

Susan writes this grief counseling book as a testament to her own mother (the original "Nonnie") and to her family who misses "Nonnie" every single day.

Eenie Marches From A to Z

Susie's greatest hope is that parents will take the time to read Eenie Marches from A to Z with their children. This book has a great sing-song rhyme that is contagious.


Eenie Meanie Me and the Very Scary Day

A little girl named Eenie is bullied at school and on the school bus. She puts up with it until one day she has had enough. She decides to take a stand and try to put an end to the teasing and harassment. She learns a life long lesson on this particular day at school.


Who Needs a Bully?

Eeenie and Moe journey through many emotions as they face childhood scenarios. Examples and activities to reinforce problem solving, conflict resolution and emotional awareness create an indispensable guide for developing your child's self-confidence.